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    Stuck in silver

    I’m stuck in silver and can’t seem to rank up no matter what my score is. I win 4-5 matches in a row with a decent score of 20ish kills every game yet I’m stuck in silver 3. Help pls

    31 may 2019 18:40 808

    This is not the right place for searching for your own need.
    Do you even know the definition of forum?

    31 may 2019 19:34 808

    They dont look at kills. Just keep on playing the game like crazy and you will slowly rank up or look for a team

    2 june 2019 00:22 808

    You are winning 50 % of your games. Why would you expect to rank up? In order for you to rank up you need a big steak like 6-7-8 consecutive wins. Also kills dont matter AT ALL. You need mvp stars

    2 june 2019 02:08 808

    try playing less games a day every day and try playing consistantly well or average

    5 june 2019 15:32 808

    also try getting bomb plants and defusing the bomb

    5 june 2019 15:33 808

    I actually had a main acc that either got VAC banned or Hacked... so im back to silver

    5 june 2019 21:48 808

    It so bad rank you need play realy godd for rank up

    6 june 2019 23:25 808

    get better at the game and play with friends and youll get the best results

    7 june 2019 10:57 808

    WHAT DOES sliver mean ???

    15 june 2019 19:29 808

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