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    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Stuck in silver

    I’m stuck in silver and can’t seem to rank up no matter what my score is. I win 4-5 matches in a row with a decent score of 20ish kills every game yet I’m stuck in silver 3. Help pls

    31 may 2019 18:40 808

    This is not the right place for searching for your own need.
    Do you even know the definition of forum?

    31 may 2019 19:34 808

    They dont look at kills. Just keep on playing the game like crazy and you will slowly rank up or look for a team

    2 june 2019 00:22 808

    You are winning 50 % of your games. Why would you expect to rank up? In order for you to rank up you need a big steak like 6-7-8 consecutive wins. Also kills dont matter AT ALL. You need mvp stars

    2 june 2019 02:08 808

    try playing less games a day every day and try playing consistantly well or average

    5 june 2019 15:32 808

    also try getting bomb plants and defusing the bomb

    5 june 2019 15:33 808

    I actually had a main acc that either got VAC banned or Hacked... so im back to silver

    5 june 2019 21:48 808

    It so bad rank you need play realy godd for rank up

    6 june 2019 23:25 808

    get better at the game and play with friends and youll get the best results

    7 june 2019 10:57 808

    WHAT DOES sliver mean ???

    15 june 2019 19:29 808

    I just played the game this 2 weeks . My aim is good .
    So I played my 2 last matchmaking to see my rank
    I was surprised it's silver 1 (worst rank)
    2 days i ranked up to silver II Then Silver III
    I don't how people still stuck in Silver
    First you need a team(i don't have a team )
    Second , you have to talk to your teammates give them where is the enemy when you die ,Alert Them if they are going to do something stupid etc..
    But you Need To ask yourself "Why The Opponents are better than me "
    and go watch your Demos (replays) to see your mistakes .
    and watch Some gold Nova 3/4 to learn from them , Don't watch Global Elite their playstyle is so complex and Hard to understand.
    Choose a CrossHair If you don't know it is , it's the little sign that you use to aim
    Choose a crosshair map from steam workshop and choose the crosshair that's you feel most confortable with .
    You will se a lot of Progression .

    16 june 2019 01:08 808

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