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    DO SURVEYS WORK FOR YOU GUYS, i complete them but i dont get anything ,HELP?

    if u know y they are not working pls tell me

    27 may 2019 16:57 1628

    For me no, but maybe for other people most likely not though.

    27 may 2019 17:10 1628

    it cost a lot of time when you will receive your SG

    27 may 2019 17:32 1628

    Some of the surveys works based on the region. Some of them surveys matched with me and I got SG's.

    28 may 2019 07:28 1628

    No surveys work for me. I am in South Africa and seem my region boycott me to do surveys. Sometimes I can proceed with a survey but then at the end it gives me an error message

    28 may 2019 10:29 1628

    I am in Egypt and not a single survey work for me , they first ask some weird questions then they say no available surveys.

    28 may 2019 12:37 1628

    Its wokrin for me! What platform do you play? pc or phone?

    2 june 2019 17:00 1628

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