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    Senhs, 11 april 2017 17:39

    World Of Tanks Soul Gems Guide

    In this guide Im going to show you how to get the 1st and 2nd rewards and a few tips on how to play World Of Tanks

    How to easily get the rewards

    For the first reward, you need to play and finish 3 games (you don't have to win them) With your starting tanks you are given play your first game, you can either play the game normally (trying to kill enemies and play the objective) or you can get straight into the action and die as fast as possible. When you die, press escape and click on return to barracks.
    When you are back in the garage area, it will say the tank you have previously played on is in battle. This means you can't use this tank until the end of the game (this doesn't apply if you finished the game whilst playing it)
    This is when the other tanks you are given comes in handy, use these tanks to play more games and repeat. When you finish 3 games, log out of your account and redeem your prize of 300 soul gems.
    Carry on doing this until you reach the 10 games played aswell.

    As for the 100 wins which is the 3rd prize, I suggest playing the game in your spare time until you reach it. Enjoy the games you play and dont rush! it's a fun game afterall.

    Best way to kill an enemy tank

    The best way to kill an enemy tank is to fire at the side of the tank (or at the tracks to stop their movement)

    The sides are the best place to hit the tank because there is alot less armour on the sides.
    And the tracks are the second best option because when done correctly they are completely immobilized.

    Rate this article World Of Tanks Soul Gems Guide

    (4.41/5) 227 rates


    i want to be level 3 fast lol!

    27 december 2021 10:00

    The SG reward isn't always 300, it depends on your location. Other than that, the article is a bit too short.

    19 november 2019 02:08

    great game overall

    9 january 2022 21:51

    I think War Thunder is better version of this.

    19 january 2022 13:39

    i want to be level 3 fast lol!i want to be level 3 fast lol!

    16 august 2021 05:28

    i want to be level 3 fast lol!i want to be level 3 fast lol!

    29 september 2021 13:29

    I know a similar game to this on mobile devices. It has a slower pace than regular games but I like fighting against tanks a lot.

    4 august 2020 15:41

    Wow, this is the first article on this platform. 😯

    11 july 2020 23:45

    oh god now i want to shoot people with tanks (IN A GAME)

    18 november 2020 16:49

    They change it a lot. Now you can't get more than 50 gems from tasks. I'm too late!!

    14 august 2017 18:53