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    DarksidedQueen, 10 july 2018 09:24

    The Magical Wizard101 (Tips & Tricks)

    Hi, I'm a person and I'm writing some tips & tricks on Wizard101. I have been playing this game since before I signed up for Gamehag, which is why I was thrilled when I saw it here! I used to play this game non-stop 25/7, (intended) when suddenly I just... Stopped. I still don't really know why. So anyway, I signed up for Gamehag looking for a way to get free in-game currency for a different game, when I stumbled upon Wizard101. I remembered the game so fondly that I thought, "Hell yes! Of course I want to make a new account and start playing again!" So I completed the first task no problem, (since I knew a lot about the game already) and now I am working my way up to completing the second task. However, There was a lot I didn't know about the game when I first started, and some of these tips & tricks would have been lifesavers. So before you launch headlong into the game, let me share some life-saving tips & tricks with you (In no particular order).

    All schools are equally as amazing! Don't go thinking, "Oh I want to be in the Death school because it has more power than Life!" or "Well Fire melts Ice and can burn a lot of stuff so I'm going to be in that school cause it's probably most powerful!" WRONG! Each and every school is equal and you will only find your true love of the game in the school that's right for you! And that leads into-

    You don't have to go by the school from the beginning quiz! Let's say you really want to be in the Ice School, but in your quiz, it puts you in the Myth School. Don't worry! Don't think you should be in that school because some AI put you there. If you don't like the school you were put in, you can change by clicking on the "Try Again" button, then clicking on the "Skip The Test" button, then just select the school you want. WARNING: YOU CANNOT CHANGE SCHOOLS ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR WIZARD! However, you can create a new Wizard, you just have to start again.

    Quests are your absolute best in-game friend! Wizard101 offers a variety of quests, not just the stereotypical "Go fight the Big Bad Dragon" kind of stuff. Yes, of course there are Boss Fights (That DON'T go on for 10 hours), and evil possessed people to save, but there are also little ones like "Go deliver this book to the library" or "Go check on Brenda". Basically which quests you choose to do depend on your personality. However, you can't shy away from the Bosses forever as those types of quests are super fun and also super rewarding! So don't go running around like a headless chicken going up against every Boss in sight trying to be successful, because... Yeah just don't. Take it from me.

    There ARE in-game purchases. Yeah sorry to break it to you, but I mean what did you expect? Some amazing game that clearly had so much thought and effort put into it fully for free? Seriously, why would a company put so much into a game, knowing that they'll get absolutely nothing out of it except messages saying "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I love this game!" Yeah, no. But don't fear! There is still so much fun stuff you can do without making purchases! It's not one of those dodgy games that you can't do ANYTHING on unless you have a membership.

    Don't hoard! If you have a really cool robe or something, worth like 1000 coins but you never wear it because you have a better one. Don't keep the old one! Just sell it! Then you've got coins to spend on more awesome things than something than something you never use! Never think "Aw no I might use this sometime later!", because if you aren't using it at the moment, chances are, you will keep getting more awesome robes and your robes will just keep stacking up in your inventory, while you're sitting there going "Oh no I can't sell that! I might use this robe that I haven't used in 6 million years sometime later!"... You won't.

    Ok, that's it from me! Hope some of these tips & tricks were useful in some way.
    See ya soon! (Maybe)

    Rate this article The Magical Wizard101 (Tips & Tricks)

    (4.1/5) 41 rates


    Thank you for informing me about this game! Downloaded it right after I saw this article, I'm level 10 now :D

    16 march 2020 20:01

    Nice Game, Lots of Fun with Misty.

    31 july 2018 21:07

    good one

    30 july 2018 08:48

    is it possible to change name ?

    28 july 2018 17:22

    Thank you for informing me about this game! Downloaded it right after I saw this article, I'm level 10 now :D

    22 july 2018 19:33

    Its a good game :)

    19 july 2018 20:07

    It's an old game but it's still a good game tbh.

    16 november 2020 15:15

    I am in LOVE with this game. I enjoy the story and the characters.

    31 july 2018 04:26

    nc game and easy gameplay

    17 july 2018 12:36

    Nice game . No complicated

    18 july 2018 13:40