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    (4.43/5) 182 rates
    Misty, 25 november 2019 19:01

    Star Conflict - Review

    In 2013, on the basis of early access, and later officially in 2014 an interesting game set in a cosmic climate was released. The game is the PC exclusive Star Conflict, which was created by StarGem Games studio. The studio, in turn, has its official headquarters in the United States, but it is an internal concern of the large Russian producer Gaijin Entertainment specializing in simulators creation. StarGem is known only for creating the Star Conflict game - designing such a unique, modern, player-friendly MMO was the mission of the StarGem team. This mission has been successfully completed - the game attracts thousands of players from around the world.

    As mentioned before, Star Conflict is an MMO game made in a cosmic convention. In addition, the game combines elements of a simulator. The game was created in order to resemble the reality of the iconic Wing Commander series. Interestingly, the game from 2014, i.e. since the official release, is available on the Steam platform and it works in the Free-to-Play model, so anyone can play it for free.

    Star Conflict takes place in space in the distant future. The story tells us how the first people, who decided to colonize the space, left three thousand years ago. This mission succeeded. Currently, ancient Earthlings can be found in the most remote corners of the cosmos. The galaxies have been divided between star empires, and the undiscovered or forgotten areas are inhabited by mercenaries. Life in space runs rather calmly until the mysterious Sector, once inhabited by the Precursor race, is discovered. The precursors were ancient aliens with an exceptionally developed civilization. Unfortunately, they were killed by a mysterious disaster. The places where they lived are now deserted, but at the same time full of goods and powerful artifacts of ancient civilization. RPG lovers can find similarities with the mythical Dwarf race from The Elder Scrolls series. They also disappeared to the last one, leaving deserted cities full of treasures and technological discoveries.

    The game allows players to play the role of those adventurers who venture into Sector 1337 in search of treasures left by the Precursors. The first step, of course, is to create your character, which we will traverse the distant space with. Due to the fact that Star Conflict is an MMO game, there are hundreds of people on the map that we can interact with. These relationships can be both friendly - cooperation, team formation, and negative - you can fight or compete with other players.

    Spaceship control and shooting are not completely realistic in terms of physics, but the game makes up for these small drawbacks with an interesting history, varied gameplay and demanding missions. Of course, at the beginning of the game we are equipped with basic skills and a ship, but over the course of the game each player acquires individual skills, develops their skills and also improves the ship, armor and weapons. The game is a very interesting proposition for enthusiasts of shooters, simulators, science-fiction climates, MMOs with hundreds of players on the map and interesting, demanding missions. Star Conflict can be both an interesting distraction offering so-called "Popping" as a part of relaxation once in a while, as well as a game we seriously dive into because of its plot, story and action.

    In general, this interesting and only production of StarGem from the United States is a good game and really worth playing. In addition, it is extremely easy to download and free, so that every computer owner can easily delve into the world of Star Conflict.

    Rate this article Star Conflict - Review

    (4.43/5) 182 rates

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    Star Conflict

    Star Conflict is a MMO game that is an incredibly extended space simulation. As in all games of this type, we can choose to play alone and carry out the missions or to play in a team where the cooperation is one of the most important features! The part of creating our character is a very interesting aspect of this game. So, ther...


    hello play game nice but grafic

    16 april 2020 18:34


    16 april 2020 18:33

    I like the game and a big like for that guy who writed the article.

    4 april 2020 11:44

    nice presentation!!!

    26 april 2020 14:17

    I might try out this game one day.

    23 march 2020 01:47

    I love this game

    31 july 2021 18:53

    the game is great but i don't like the controls that much

    22 june 2020 18:05

    is hard game,but i still love it>.

    12 january 2021 08:11

    amazing game perfect space

    31 march 2020 15:39

    Really like the game and your article

    4 february 2020 15:38