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    Misty, 25 november 2019 19:21

    Star Conflict - Guide

    What is Star Conflict?

    Star Conflict is a game released by the small StarGem studio, which is part of the large developer Gaijin Entertainment. Star Conflict is the only production this small studio has devoted to. Their mission was to create a unique MMO game set in cosmic realities. The plan was successful, and Star Conflict since 2013, i.e. since the introduction of early access, has been winning the hearts of thousands of players around the world every day.

    Game description

    Star Conflict generally is about controlling spaceships that we travel with through the distant space. It is worth mentioning at the start, that the game is set in the sci-fi reality. It takes place in a very distant future - more than 3,000 years have passed since the first people wishing to colonize space have left the Earth. The game begins when we find out the so-called Zone 1337 has been discovered. The zone, hundreds of years ago, was a home to the ancient race of Precursors, whose highly developed civilization has been destroyed by a mysterious catastrophe. Currently, former areas of the Precursors' are completely deserted, but full of powerful artifacts, treasures and technological achievements. Interestingly, the game's moodd is somewhat depressing - there are no planets here, we cross the space full of shards of planets, rocks and space debris with our spaceship.

    Game basics

    In the game, we play the role of a treasure hunter, an adventurer who goes to the Zone in search of the remains of ancient civilization. Of course, our main means of transport is a spaceship. The first step is to choose and create a character that you play with, and creating the faction afterwards. We can choose from Jericho, the Empire and the Federations. Fiction creators divided factions mainly in political terms. Empire is a typical autocratic power in which the cult of the individual counts. Federation is a faction that seems to defend almost forgotten principles - it stands for equality and democracy. Jericho is basically not an official faction, but more a cult. There are descendants of people who have long left Earth. The main quests in the game are the same, regardless of which faction we choose. However, this choice affects side quests, style of play and stations in space to which we can go. Additionally, each party offers different bonuses or has a specific type of ship assigned to a given conflict party. Ships are also divided into several groups, e.g. fighters, frigates etc.

    Division of vessels

    The game gives its players three types of spaceships to choose from. You can specify them as: 1. Frigates - ships offering strong attack but low maneuverability, 2. Fighters - ships with high maneuverability but weak attack, 3. Assault ships - ships that fall between these two categories. Unfortunately, ships in the third category are the worst choice for a beginner player. They are difficult to control and not very strong. We won't be able to escape with them from much more agile opponents, and with firepower we won't do much damage to them. Strong, but not very maneuverable ships, in turn, have better firepower and much stronger armor, so attacking them won't make much sense. At the very beginning of the game, it is worth choosing solid frigates, which will destroy enemies, or fast and maneuverable fighters. In addition, ships have their functions - frigates play the role of medics setting repair stations or acceleration gates, fighters are in turn subversive and reconnaissance ships.

    Game mechanics

    Control in Star Conflict is quite intuitive and very similar to control in games such as World Thunder, among others. You can see the sister control scheme in every Gaijin Entertainment production, as well as in this game, created by a studio division. All people who have dealt with Gaijin games and all kinds of similar MMO productions will easily find themselves in this game.

    The game Star Conflict allows players many different game modes, so you can both cooperate with other players and compete with them. There is a variety of mission modes and scenarios that differ from each other, depending on the faction and ships we play. We can also fight in PvP, PvE modes, or create our own match in any of these modes.