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    (4.45/5) 161 rates
    Visty, 24 february 2019 20:04

    Review with Visty > This Is the Police 2

    This Is the Police 2


    The “This Is the Police 2” is a combination of 2D & 3D game released by Weappy Studio in detective and criminal game style in 2018 for all platforms.


    This Is The Police 2 narrates the story of Jack Boyd , a criminal sheriff who moved to a town called Sharpwood and lives there with a fake identity at the end of the first episode. The real sheriff of the city , Lily , is a woman who is not taken into consideration and none of her employees is paying much attention to her because of her gender. The mafia boss of the city helps the poor people with his crimes and even wants Jack to help him , and in the same way the game shows us that his life is completely soulless and real.

    Now you play in the role of Jack who is acting as an informal successor to Lily , and manages the Sharp Wood Police Department and little by little Jack takes Lily's post in there ...



    The main part of gameplay is to manage your agents to attend crime scenes and send direct commands to them. Perhaps in the first two or three hours , the game will amuse you a lot but after a while you will find out each option will ultimately lead to , so you can easily choose the right alternative and send one of your inexperienced individuals , regardless of the form of crime and win very well ; however , note that this is not as simple as it looks. For doing each mission , you must select officers whose aggregate scores or their score alone are equal to the minimum required for the mission. Also every crime scene has a certain time which if get expired will let criminals escape or even kill someone.

    Game makers have done a great job in the details section of the game management. For example , there may be a false crime scene that only consumes your forces or misleads you in order to let criminals commit a major crime elsewhere. In the meantime , you can not ignore the diversity of missions that are assigned to you ; at each stage , depending on the story of the game , you will receive between 5 - 10 missions that you need to send your commands directly to your agents. Depends on the situation there will be some results such as arresting the offender , offenders escape , death of people or even one of your agents will be injured.


    Game narration is done in several different ways. The main story narrative is the comic book mode and no one needs to explain. It is good to know the game delivers interesting ways to get information. For example , at the beginning of the game , Jack is supposed to write a letter to his children and thus , the players who have not experienced the first episode of the game , can become familiar at the beginning of this game with some of the first part of the story however many of the old characters will remain completely anonymous for new players …

    Rate this article Review with Visty > This Is the Police 2

    (4.45/5) 161 rates


    Really nice and interesting game.

    21 february 2020 21:38

    Great article...very good quality.

    14 april 2021 07:23

    u are sasuke not sure

    12 june 2020 21:06

    very good quality and very good work i like the italic letters nice work

    4 june 2019 16:35

    This is a really big improvement since the first game, i heard about this but i didn't wanted to buy it yet! Thanks for the article it was awesome ^^

    10 january 2021 00:07

    I love to be a police

    1 june 2020 02:38

    Keep up the good writing!!

    4 march 2019 13:56

    I will try this, looks good

    4 may 2020 19:28

    very good quality and very good work i like the italic letters nice work

    25 february 2020 03:44

    Great Article! Nice Job!

    3 july 2020 16:42