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    (4.32/5) 182 rates
    Visty, 6 march 2019 21:57

    Review with Visty > My Time At Portia

    My Time At Portia


    The “My Time At Portia” is a three dimensional game released by Pathea Games Studio in adventure and role playing style in 2018 for Windows.


    At first, you are in the role of a person who you can determine (his/her) gender and then shapes his face, your character traveled to Portia to begin his new life on a piece of land owned by his father that is now just a ruin. Your mission is to return the farm or the same workshop to its former glory and do not think it will be easy! There are several other people in Portia who will compete with you and you will not be able to easily place the first position among the workshops.



    For achieving your goal you have to make a lot of efforts. Such as: answering the people's requests that you get daily, the various missions you need to find, increasing your farm size, upgrading the tools and machinery you have and many other activities will help you … Your popularity amongst the residents of Portia will increase so you will get closer to your goal. Also there is no need to do only the main missions, you can go ahead as you wish and do some subsidiary missions and quests too.


    At the beginning of the game, you have a small and not a very good land that you need to turn into an unsurpassed farm. To succeed, you need a lot of tools and for building them you need two things: 1) Money, 2) Resources.

    Like any other role playing games, there are many ways to get these two. The best way to get money is to do some sub missions and quests. Despite their simplicity, they have a lot of charm and value to do, because after completing each one, in addition to increasing your popularity which will make the shops give you more discounts, you will also get good money. The difficult part is to obtain and build resources that are really time consuming. Few resources are easily obtained and you do not need to craft them; for example, wood is obtained by cutting the trees also rock and iron are obtained by working in the mine. You can even buy some of these resources from different stores but wool, glass, bronze sheet, fabric and many other things should be crafted by your machines. It is really difficult to get the materials to craft these resources because they are either very rare or too expensive for buying from the shops.



    The game's graphics and color variation are really fantastic. “My Time At Portia” environments are so colorful and beautiful. In addition, each season is beautifully depicted in the game, from the cold winter to the colorful spring ...

    The initial hours of the game can be a little annoying and even make you a little discouraged but when you think that you will develop a lot in the not too distant future and you will make big and beautiful fields, you will become happy and want to continue playing.

    Rate this article Review with Visty > My Time At Portia

    (4.32/5) 182 rates


    it's not bad game

    2 april 2019 18:09

    cool review

    12 february 2021 19:54

    it was free on epic games but i didn't claimed it....due to its cartoonish graphics.

    10 august 2021 07:55

    looks good

    3 may 2020 09:59

    Really nice article thats so cool, great job! Keep going.

    26 march 2020 22:47

    not bad at all, tbh but nice article

    12 march 2019 13:04

    could use a bit of work , i'd say 7/10🙂

    12 march 2019 22:17

    very good game, i love play my time at portia

    25 september 2020 00:58

    nice review

    14 august 2020 10:54

    great work as always visty___

    25 may 2020 16:11