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    (4.77/5) 30 rates
    sozqq, 4 june 2018 21:19

    Review: Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

    Little Witch Academia - quite a young, but already popular franchise. At first it was a series of short films, and last year on Netflix released a full-length series with a rating of IMDb 8.1. There are two more manga, and now that's the game from Bandai Namco arrived. To get acquainted with her 42-year-old I proceeded with a known skepticism, but the presence of a 9-year-old daughter, who always pulled her hands to the gamepad with the words "And this game is also good!" (Before that she cut herself in Omensight and Kingdom Hearts II ), forced me to soften and from another perspective look at this miracle-yude in the style of anime.

    It's clear that Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time , like the original series, has all the chances to please first and foremost the girls who adore different films and cartoons about magic, fairies, witches, vampires, superheroes and in general all the supernatural - from "My Little pony " to " Gravity Falls " . 

    There are many funny and diverse girls who study on young witches in Europe's best school of magic Luna Nova - while in the rest of the fictional world, magic is already considered obsolete. Girlfriends quarrel, make friends, make up, gossip, fall in love and do everything that is relevant for any schoolgirl at the age of 9 to 12.

    And the main character - the big-eyed and fragile-looking Acre embodies the typical, but also very charismatic, many understandable image of a strong, stubborn, independent girl, a sort of tear that somehow resembles Pippi Longstocking. Not having innate abilities for magic and the corresponding past, she still stubbornly tries to prove to everyone that she can be a talented witch and that magic is not at all obsolete. And due to the nature of his character, he constantly fights with contemporaries from Luna Nova, then with teachers. But while Akko has two faithful friends, the same strange. One is a typical nerd in glasses, the other is a cynical and sad emo who loves to brew potions from poisonous mushrooms and try them on Acre.

    Among the other girls with whom our heroine communicates tightly, there also come across typical school images - a funny plump woman who does not part with a bag of chips, a redhead, a blond arrogant know-it-all from a rich family ... Communication (and more often - wrangling) with them at Little Witch Academia : Chamber of Time pays much attention, and besides, Akko runs the whole game along the corridors and floors of the Academy, overhearing conversations of contemporaries and teachers and carrying out assignments for them in the spirit of "find my book", "bring a flower so that I will gain strength and confess in the bwi guy "and so on.

    However, in this game there is also something that can appeal not only to young schoolgirls. Firstly, all the anime fans can hardly pass by Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - lupo-eyed charismatic girls funny chatter on colorful Japanese, everything is elegantly drawn, accompanied by an expressive soundtrack, and the cut scenes are made by the authors of the anime series.

    Secondly, the story itself, which does not repeat the original story here, turned out really interesting. It is twisted around the bad manipulations over time, because of which Akko and her friends are forced to constantly experience their own Groundhog Day. This is not only interesting and fun to be played in the plot, but also directly affects the gameplay. Time here is counted constantly. Quest characters also appear and disappear strictly according to the schedule, move, go to the dining room and go to bed. And all this must be taken into account: if you do not have time to do something before the mark, after which the time will again rewind, you will have to start again. In this case, some quests must be performed strictly in the daytime, some in the dark. Yes, and Akko also need to periodically put to bed.

    She herself can anyone lull with the help of magic. And I must say, with witchcraft in the game, everything is also quite unusual and interesting. To use spells outside combat and repair, for example, an object or knock out a troll guard, you first need to buy or somehow get it and then drink the appropriate potion. New "spells" also need to be found, and then pumped - they are presented in the spellbook as constellations.

    In battles, however, realized in the format of a two-dimensional side scroller, magic flows like a river and without any potions. At first it seems that you just need to press everything in order to easily throw enemies in the sides, moving from one room of the dungeon to the other until the final "boss". However, the further the plot moves, the more Akko and her friends in an attempt to solve the temporary cataclysm discover new catacombs, to which the strange magic door in the secret room leads, the more difficult it is for you.

    And the more important it is to do everything correctly and correctly: distribute the "spells" for different buttons and their combinations, assign the leader of your squad of three witches (each girl has his own leadership bonuses and features), equip wards with magic jewelry and new staffs and scatter with increasing level free points according to the characteristics of the character. About the flow of spells, I already said, and even here you can and need to improve and enchant outfit in the school laboratory.

    Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time , of course, is designed for a very specific audience. And for young schoolgirls and out-and-out fans of anime, she works out her program, perhaps, on a solid four with a plus. Claims can be brought only to some technical flaws (I have a game for some reason did not periodically see the save on the PlayStation 4) and to places obsessive "grind" - but this is already the tradition of all Japanese RPGs, which by and large Little Witch Academia is. Competing with her in about one field of the Dragon's Crown Pro gameplay looks more collected and accurate, but in the Chamber of Timethere are special features that can hook, challenge and make the game go farther and farther. Especially if your daughter is so much like a character on the main character ... 

    Rate: 9/10

    Thanks for reading!

    Rate this article Review: Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

    (4.77/5) 30 rates


    Very nice graphics. Cant say its perfect or that its my favorite game but i did enjoy it

    22 june 2018 01:16

    Reminds me of a movie

    8 july 2018 11:47

    this is actually pretty good

    6 june 2018 08:56

    Yes thank u nice article

    20 june 2018 20:19

    this game like good 👍

    13 june 2018 12:33

    This is great! I'm a fan of Little Witch Academia myself.

    9 january 2021 14:40

    nice my friend.

    6 june 2018 01:50

    I want try this

    13 july 2018 01:39

    why does this look like a movie

    12 june 2018 16:47

    It remind me of a movie as well

    25 june 2018 05:37