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    Rate this article "NY Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia - game review."

    (4.59/5) 203 rates
    t4tsumihyaku, 1 june 2020 13:30

    NY Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia - game review.

    New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia is an adventure & hidden-object game that was developed & published by FIVE-BN GAMES  in 2015. In the game, we have to solve puzzles and solve a mystery in the city of New York.



    Everything started in 1955 in the city of New York. Back then, the city had become so dangerous due to the attempts of the Mafia to seize power in the city. At the time, some strange things started to happen - the residents of the city started disappearing.


    New York's residents started noticing strange things in the American Museum of Natural History. Every time somebody disappeared, all they could find is a strange-looking liquid with a butterfly that's flying over it. However, the strange liquid wasn't the thing that made the residents live in fear. In the city, many children started disappearing without a reason. The impressive part is that all of the children drew a butterfly before they left.

    The problem was getting that serious, that many people took up the investigation.


    In the game, we get into the role of the Californian journalist Laura James.

    When we start playing for the first time, our first task will be to talk to a man in the American Museum of Natural History.
    Our first obstacle will be a broken bell. In order to fix it, we will have to find items that will help us for the purpose.


    When we enter the door, we will meet up with Mr. Bishop. He had a request for our character - to write an article about the mysterious events in the big city. To do that, we will have to look into the crime scenes. The first thing which we are going to notice is a crack in the floor. We'll see that there's something inside this crack, but we won't be able to take it since the fissure wouldn't fit a human hand. That's why we will have to look for various items that will help us get the witness out of the crack. The first thing which we are going to find is some tweezers.

    In the end, it turned out that there was a butterfly  in the fissure. 


    On our way to expose the truth behind the New York mystery, we will have to visit many places and make a variety of puzzles - such as assembling puzzles, put symbols and numbers in the correct order, and so on.


    When we complete the last puzzle, we will discover a chest that contains a mysterious key and bundles of money. After some time, we will find out that the kidnapped children were locked in a container for a long time. In the end, the people that were responsible for everything got arrested. The saved kids were safe, and nobody could do any harm to them anymore.



    I rate the game with 7/10, here's why:

    The graphics are pretty decent, the sounds too.
    The appearance of the characters is pretty good.
    Honestly, I'm not into such games, but this one is an exception because the game also has an unusual story.
    I liked the atmosphere in the game and the characters' mysterious attitude.
    The puzzles in the game require some thinking, which can help you develop your solving skills.


    Rate this article NY Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia - game review.

    (4.59/5) 203 rates


    el juego no mea gustado

    5 june 2020 21:37

    Very nice article. I really like the game.

    24 august 2021 08:13

    NiceGame🙃Gran historia Buen juego Buen diseño Gracias💫🌜🤔
    هَلَّ هِلَاَلُكَ يا رَمَضَانيا رَمَضَانِ يا رَمَضَانِ شَهْرَ التوبة وَالْغُفْرَانَ يارَمَضَانِ يا رَمَضَان.يا رُبَّ إقبل مِني صُيَّامَ يْشَهْرَ الطَّاعَةِ يارَحِمْنَ ياربي إغفر لِلِي تَابَ يا اللَّهِ يا اللَّهِ أَنْتَ الْغفَارُ التَّوَّابُ يا اللَّهِ يا اللَّهِ هبلُي الْخَيْرِ بِشَهْرَ الْخَيْرِيارَحِمْنَ يا وهَابِ اهلاً بِشَهْرَ الْإيمَانِ الْإيمَانُ الْإيمَانَ لِلصَّبِرِ إنت الْعُنْوَانَ شَهْرَ الْخَيْرِ وَشَهْرِ الصَّوْمِ شَهْرَ إللي بِيهُ نَزَلَ الْقُرْآنُ
    هَلَّ هِلَاَلُكَ يا رَمَضَانيا رَمَضَانِ يا رَمَضَان

    20 april 2021 09:15

    bükme oyun kardeşim waow seni seviyorum ve yükleme loadinggg 40 letter

    3 august 2020 18:02

    the ame seems really interesting....how many hours does it take to complete?

    6 june 2020 14:22

    I did not play the game, but thanks to the article I think to wonder and play, graffiti is a pretty good game

    1 june 2020 15:57

    from photos it looks very c ool but i dont if its true from pictures that goed lower

    2 june 2020 18:07

    Great article, seems interesting. :)
    I love mysteries!!

    2 june 2020 09:55

    Nice dude this is very good

    2 june 2020 11:28

    Pretty Nice article
    And I really like puzzle and searching games so I will install the game.
    And thanks for the review

    1 june 2020 16:56