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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Lineage 2 Essence

    this game very good i love that game it s impresive

    6 january 2022 13:40

    this game is so difficult wo thanks i enjoy

    7 january 2022 14:51

    Did you know that you can earn Soul Gems for evaluating articles of the other users?
    And that for writing an article you can get even 250Soulstone?

    4 february 2022 14:43

    very easy soul gems like 20 minutes very easy 1600

    4 february 2022 19:41

    m waiting for the verification about 2 days and then what happened? THEY REJECTID IT!!! It says "you haven't registered with a new account". Oh really?

    4 february 2022 19:54

    Fun,addicting I love ittt so muchhh!!!

    5 february 2022 21:35

    Lineage huh, gotta try it some day. But I doubt it ;)

    17 february 2022 21:46

    very cool game i like it alot even my friends play :grin:

    20 february 2022 17:02

    now THIS was by far my MOST played Roblox game back in the day. Man, those were good times. 10/10 article right her

    24 february 2022 15:02

    how long does it take to verify, first time it was like 10 minutes and now it takes forever and im already tired of this website.

    21 may 2022 17:24

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