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    I'm from area 51 bg

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    I'm from area 51 bg

    I'm from area 51

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    I'm from area 51. There are hundreds like me. My task is to kidnap cows. Work is not dusty and pay a lot. Millions of people are coming to us soon. So I flew to the farm of an old man to steal his cows without any problems, but something went wrong.

    I am from area 51 - a stealth game where we play as an alien. Our goal is to abduct cows, but due to an accident our ship flies into the house of a single farmer. If he notices us, you're dead. You have a freezing blaster, but the charges are limited. You need to collect all the parts to get out of the trap. The game combines a stealth game, the search for objects and humor.

    -Easter eggs