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    The Evil Within PC GLOBAL bg

    Recebe The Evil Within totalmente grátis!

    The Evil Within is a game which is a combination of action game and survival horror. The player takes the role of detective Sebastian. He is called to investigate the crime scene in a psychiatric institution. When he arrives with his partners, they find a disturbing scene - brutally massacred bodies all over the place. There is no one alive in the whole facility... While investigating the place of murder, Sebastian is attacked and loses consciousness. When he recovers it, one of the policemen is being murdered right before his eyes. At this point, nothing is as before and everyone is in danger. Sebastian begins the fight for survival.

    The Evil Within bg

    The Evil Within

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    A 24 horas

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    The Evil Within is a unique combination of a survival horror and action game.

    Detective Sebastian is the main character in the game. Together with his partners he travels to a psychiatric facility to investigate the crime scene. After arriving at the place, they see many massacred bodies. During the activities, the main character is attacked and loses consciousness. After waking up he sees the murder of one of his partners. At this moment the chilling struggle for survival begins ...

    The Evil Within PC GLOBAL award is a computer game that you can get by exchanging Soul Gems. It will certainly provide a large dose of adrenaline!

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