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    Mrdox, 15 january 2018 15:45

    Review Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

    We have seen Capcom figures challenge the Marvel superheroes as well as Mortal Kombat characters fighting DC Comics characters and even Mario's own Nintendo character. We have found Sonic's rival from Sega Group Sports Games Today we are talking about a new cooperation that was not considered, a strategic adventure game that brings together the characters of the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically Mario and his friends with the rabbit characters from Ubisoft and the latest development of the game we are reviewing today.

    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a strategic adventure game played by the famous Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario Games series after it overlapped with the worlds of rabbits characters from Ubisoft after an event we know by presenting the story at the beginning of the game. Here, things are mixed up and Mario has to cooperate with the rabbits to solve the problem. The game is very deep, but on the contrary, it focuses a lot on "comedy" and the spirit of humor and stands out very much in this area. The rabbits are very crazy and we watch the game so much. Try to review this by wandering the world of the game and watching what you are doing with the background of the stages. You find A here although there are some offers from time to time to display important events with the development of the events of the story of the emergence of key figures and leaders of the fighting and so on.

    The game Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was developed by Ubisoft and using the Snowdrop development engine, which we have seen in most Ubisoft games, including the game Devision, and the result is very wonderful on the Switch, the worlds of the game shine colors and details of beautiful characters As well as the effects of strikes and shots and creates the development team a lot of game designs, there are very accurate touches of the worlds of the Kingdom of Mushroom, we see the backgrounds and genius, where we see the mess of rabbits everything in the Kingdom of mushrooms and very comically, also on the side of the sounds The game offers a mix between the famous tunes of Nintendo and Including the melodies of the game Mario 64 and also new tunes fully fit much fun game character, on the technical side this game is very distinctive.

    Also to talk about the introduction of the game here is creating the development team user interfaces and the way to narrate the story with CG presentations from time to time and to forget some of the scenes such as fighting leaders and one of them without a definition will remember the players so much because the definition of madness and personally I have returned a number of times because he was very amused, It is further developed for the designs of Ubisoft games developer of the game and closest to the game of Nintendo itself.

    This game is a strategic adventure game, in which you move a team of 3 characters, but choose two of them that Mario can not be replaced and you can change the accomplices between rabbits disguise the characters of the Nintendo or the characters of the Kingdom of Mushroom, including Luigi and Princess and Yoshi as you progress the game gets one of those characters and each There is a development system for characters and players to buy the latest equipment and weapons and develop the "tree" abilities of the characters to collect some crystals to do so, the game does not provide with a deep but entertaining system Very easy for those who do not have much experience in this type of games.

    There are four worlds of the game and this number may not be enough in general and the worlds are divided into 8 areas through which will fight either some of the assassinations in which the objectives differ between defeating all enemies or a certain number of them or trying to reach a certain area A certain personality to the end of the region and protect it and this part of the game covers most of the adventure.

    On the other hand there are areas where you try to solve the puzzles to progress, in the middle of every world there is fighting with the leader of the middle stage and with the last or eighth section in every world there is fighting the last leader and fighting leaders is one of the most enjoyable moments of the game and the difficulty varies greatly between them. Sometimes you find yourself losing easily, but once you change the strategy with the second attempt, winning becomes very easy.

    In the last
    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is an entertaining adventure game with great content. If you want to get everything and develop all the characters and get all the secrets, but the original adventure can be completed in a period of up to 12 hours and maybe less, there is also a stage of collective play and special missions And it is very difficult to get it after the end of the game to those who like the challenge, in general this game deserves the experience even if you are not a fan of strategic games and Ubisoft was able to excellence offer the game "Nintendo" perhaps better than Nintendo itself if you wanted to introduce the game Mario Strategy.

    Rate this article Review Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

    (5/5) 3 ratings


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