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    (4.61/5) 23 rates
    rogstrug, 9 december 2018 13:01

    Review | Fallout 76 |

    "It just works." Todd Howard's words. And. It  does not work. Fallout 76 just does not work.

    Get out on the street, say, "Bethesda," and I guarantee that at least somebody will come to you and say: "Fus Ro Dah!" Elder Scrolls and Fallout series are one of the most popular gaming industry products, and are among the most important for the advancement of the RPG genre. It is precisely this improvement, which is primarily seen in free gamers and the true meaning of role-playing, but with Fallout 4, although Fallout 76, a study experiment, should show that Bethesda still has the ability to track trends and move the boundaries,


    The public's response was divided, one prefering self-awakening and exploring an ironically-living world of apocalyptic desolation at its own pace, depending only on itself. Other ideas were met with unrivaled enthusiasm, praising Bethesda for pushing Fallout into online waters by designing a variety of scenarios to be found with his friends. In the end, everything can be reduced to tastes, there are two different approaches to playing RPGs and it is understandable that there are different requirements for a giant game such as Fallout. The problem arises when Bethesda reigns in indecision, and the desire to compel everyone in the end condemns Fallout 76 to a probable defeat.

    Fallout 76 starts like a typical Fallout. You wake up in the Valut 76 Subway Complex created to survive nuclear warfare that, like every vault, served as a parade for experimenting with the naughty, resourceful and influential Vault-Tec company. However, this is a special vault. There are live people here who will strike the foundations of the renewed civilizations of the human race in the ruthless radioactive nature of West Virginia. These chosen individuals - I am the very tip of our race - that we are ourselves.

    Immediately at the beginning you are waiting for the creation of our player, which seems limited only by our imagination. Options are endless and we see significant progress from Fallout 4. Faces look more natural, drastic changes can be made, resulting in the interesting and unique characters that come when you leave Vault. Then, for the first time, you meet with Photomode, one of the most important resources in the new Fallout, because you spend a lot of time shooting photos of your adventure, where we are painting for our personal vault card! You can set your character, facial expression, set some filters like a vintage look or adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. There are plenty of opportunities to stay interested in getting into this mode and play a bit to get your ideal photographer in front of the dress you just finished a few minutes ago.

    Soon we find out that a day has come when all Vault 76 residents go out and move on to the adventure of re-establishing the United States. Among them, the supervisor, the supervisor of the entire Vault, who takes care of the safety of its inhabitants, stands out. Our supervisor has decided to ignore the Vault-Tec guidelines and reveals to our player the default mission. He must find silo with battlefield heads and allow nuclear disaster to never repeat.

    We are determined to go out in search of the Overseer and walk along the way through the corridors where friendly robots get acquainted with the basic means of survival in radioactive Virginia. Stimpak, RadX, Radaway, all the old acquaintances that we do not get lost and get off two meters from the Vault exit, but there is also a novelty of C.A.M.P. - a portable campsite that saves our built-in base and transmits it wherever we want. The exit is here. PipBoy is on hand. We're opening the Vault and waiting for us ... The white wall is waiting for us. Verbatim. White. Wall. In which we stand and go to the screen with loads of open world. White Wall in 2018.

    GO TO WORK, GET BACK HOME,........

    Once the download passes, which although there is, is not long, as it remains in the game, which must be praised, moving the change three basic elements of the game. Investigate and lootaj encourages us to explore local dwellings: farms, small towns, abandoned government buildings, and we collect resources and eventually solve some of the sidequests commonly found by finding a holotape, a message we put into our PipBoy, and then listen to a monologue or dialogue that most often lasts three or four minutes. All the material we collect will be used either for the construction of a camp, or for making weapons, armor and medicaments or for cooking food and filtering water.

    Shoot the maniac that catches you when you look at enemies who are actually sponges for bullets. In the initial hour it may be challenging because it is harder to find a firearm, so every conflict depends on a close fight. Shoot in the air and play Stevena Seagala. Nevertheless, over time it becomes a trivial task. The shooting was done at a satisfactory level, almost identical to Fallout 4 with the exception of V.A.T.S., a system for more precise shooting that this time aimbot. In fact, it is quite intuitive to approach V.A.T.S. as it is impossible to slow down the time in online gaming.

    The building, the cooking and the making allow us to go somewhere in the wild C.A.M.P., we say, "There is my house," and then we slowly build our sanctuary in dangerous desolation. The resource is more than enough for lean building and is certainly better than Fallout 4 construction. The same is true for armor and weapons making or their modification. However, minor changes have taken place, this time we have plans for modification to break down armor and weapons. Fortunately, it has them at every turn, so it will be more a hobby than pressure.


    Sounds like any Fallout actually is, and are, the basis of the series. Eh ... There's one problem. Namely, everything would be great when the game did not live alive. This skeleton is just that. Skeleton. What has covered the previous Fallout was the skin of that skirt, quests with interesting NPCs, interaction with the characters, our shaping of the mini worlds of these once charismatic, and sometimes dry characters. It was a magical formula to make a living world from a simple formula. Fallout 76 does not exist. Virginia is completely dead. There is no NPC, except for robotic sellers and enemies with whom it is not communicating or communicating because our character can not communicate!

    Because of such gaps, it seems to us that the whole world is dead and that we are alone in the world. Bethesda pleaded for their wish to be NPCs, which also makes sense, but it also stinks of laziness. Well, the players are NPCs and it all works somehow. No, it does not work. The player has too little on the server and everyone is seen on the map eliminating any surprises. Currently, only this kind of community is pulled out of the community that is more than correct and slides to help whenever it needs.

    My idea was to build two homes on two floors and connect them to the bridge and switch that bridge over the road and maybe rob the other players or give them some Stimpak as a welcome in Virginia, however, my plan has gone crazy because of one of the worst PvP implementations that I've ever experienced it. You can attack anybody, but that person must attack you to "accept" the fight, only then the right fight. Until then, do almost no damage to the player and just wipe the ammo. Such an approach effectively destroys any sense of the PvP's launch because there is no winner there. One will die and lose some resources, others will lose the lovable ammunition, and perhaps the nerves if he has been attacking for a long time and waits for another person to accept the fight.

    In the end there is an extremely big problem for one loot game. There is not enough room for all that loot! The player is immediately forced to improve his strength in order to handle more items that unrealistically much harder. In his camp we can store those items in his stash, but he is limited to a mug of 400lbs. Why? Well, Bethesda says it's closely related to the initiator and are working to increase the space for the stock. It is absurd that an AAA developer makes a looted game based on such a limited trigger.

    There is no end to the problems here. In the game, a system of food and drinks was inserted, not just to be treated, but not to dehydrate or hunger. A similar system was introduced in the Kingdom Come, but here it is so tense that sometimes I had to take a break from playing. You are constantly hungry, you are constantly thirsty, constantly burning something and then you have to step away from it just to boil water or prepare a fine steak from the peas. Just as we continue the adventure, it's hungry again! Damage to the pace of the game and the reduction of the fun factor make the game turn into a commitment rather than a relaxation.

    The construction system, though better, is limited by the budget that is quickly charged. True, that budget is growing at every new level, but it is still insufficient to make something that looks really unique. It is not helped by the fact that some items can not be set in some areas inexplicably, and almost the whole game is mountainous so we can not place a camp in one place and then move it in a piece because the game will not allow it, so it does not pay to build some great buildings because you just will not stop when you move the camp. When we move in a camp, it is paid for caps, which are not found too often in the initial ten hours of the game. Also, fast-travel is charged, which is simply absurd because the alternative is jumpering the boring unused world.


    It should be honest and say this is a Early Access game. It's unfinished. One AAA company can not call this a complete game. Moreover, an AAA company should not charge such a charge for 60 €. But look out for this. There are micro-transactions. Cosmetics are, yes, and you can gradually pick up points by solving the challenges (which in time become shorter because you solve them most), but the very fact that this unfinished game puts micro-transactions and certain items locked behind payment is simply insensitive.

    Fallout 76 is a game that has the potential and desperately missed it for even longer development time. The fact that this could be a really great game is that I've been investing more effort into it. Unfortunately, I do not see the way back to the 76th, since some of the problems are related to the very architecture of the game and would require enormous changes, and it is known that Bethesda is working on Starfieldu.

    If the Fallout 76 experiment went wrong, but what worries me most is that a Fallout for the first time left me absolutely indifferent. The lack of a typical charm makes this only a bad game with a sticky sticky name Fallout, something that this series does not deserve.

    Rate this article Review | Fallout 76 |

    (4.61/5) 23 rates


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