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    (4.31/5) 26 rates
    s1na, 10 june 2017 14:38

    Best WW2 related game

    A short guide to the best World war 2 related games for PC. Picture related (WW2 scene)!

    War Thunder
    War Thunder is a WW2 inspired game in which the player can choose between being a tank driver or a plane pilot. It has 3 modes: Arcade battles, Realistic battles and Simulation battles. There are many maps and in-game settings you can choose from. WT is a game for anyone who likes flying games, as that is the main focus of WT! This game is also free and support cross-platform play!

    Call of Duty: World at War
    Call of Duty: World at War is a game from 2008 but it's still a very good WW2 related game to this day! You can choose between singleplayer, multiplayer and co-op mode. There are many mission, weapons and maps, but the story itself is kinda emotional and very interesting. If you love history and WW2 like me, you'll enjoy CoD:WaW

    Call of Duty: WW2
    This game is set to release on 3rd Novemeber 2017. It will be a modern and realistic representation of WW2. This is Call of Duty's first WW2 related in a very long time, so it will be very interesting to see what Activation has prepared for us, but juding by the trailers, it will one of the best WW2 related games! Both singleplayer and multiplayer will be available!

    Sniper Elite 4
    SE4 is the 4 game is this franchise and many consider it to be the best sniper game. You play as a sniper and obviously, kill the bad nazis. The kill-cam animation is great! There are many missions, maps and obviously sniper! You can choose to play stealthy or unleash hell! Although both SE2 and SE3 are set in WW2, I suggest playing SE4 as it's the newest release of all!

    Hearts of Iron 4
    This is a strategy game set in WW2. It's much like Civilization V. You can play multiplayer, singleplayer and even co-op. You can choose the nation you want to lead and begin your journey to the victory! You have to play really smartly and it's a rather slow game. It has many historically connected quotes and generally is considered to be historically most accurate game of all the ones I already mentioned. It also support cross-platform play!

    Rate this article Best WW2 related game

    (4.31/5) 26 rates


    cod wwii is very fun i love it

    30 march 2020 11:22

    Red Orchestra could make it to this list!

    20 november 2019 11:56

    best game ever! great article!!

    26 july 2019 08:44

    yea where is battle field 5. That game should really be in there. But anyway it's good.

    15 january 2020 22:06

    COD: ww2 is good with good graphics, but it does not have good physics like in battlefield 5

    25 july 2019 15:01

    how about medal of honor

    22 january 2020 11:10

    ger oha lan bune

    19 march 2020 14:51

    COD WW II is the best game from the Graphics and the Gameplay

    31 may 2020 15:08

    wow good and educational article

    16 april 2020 13:58

    Ok, I absolutely agree with you about War Thunder; but, couldn't you put call of duty ww2 as second place? I really liked that call of duty game unlike the rest smh lol.

    22 november 2019 15:14