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    Gamehag app broken and not getting sg?????

    I got my level 10 citadel, but gamehag wont recognize me completing the task, nor will the app open anymore. I have got the notification for completing it, and the app will just close after 1 second. Some help????

    3 april 2019 19:28 2208

    I don't know, but the problem is on ios for me

    4 april 2019 18:11 2208

    Have you played this game before because it wont work

    4 april 2019 21:44 2208

    what is best way to get sg?

    25 may 2019 14:10 2208

    for me atleast the mobile task dont work at all, so i say just try to do task on your pc

    7 june 2019 06:24 2208

    I have not received the sg for completing this offer as a contract, i had to get the power to 100k, it took so much hard work and still mo sg received, misty said that i have to contact the offerwall

    7 june 2019 13:35 2208

    ff15's ​power to 100k contract taks is broken ?

    8 september 2019 11:10 2208

    Same i did another thing and it no work

    9 september 2019 14:04 2208

    ​I reported this issue to Misty, but I was told that any errors in the contract would contact an external partner company.
    I contacted an external partner, adgem.com, listed on the task page link, to report this issue.

    It's not the words of some president, but I'm going to see what happens.

    15 september 2019 08:25 2208

    ​I got an answer from an external partner, adgem, but I wasn't sure.
    What is adgem offerwall? I don't use adgem offerwall
    After all, there was no satisfactory answer.​In conclusion, I think that earning soulgem in gamehag contract should not be done due to errors.
    ​Unless gamehag improves the functionality of the site.

    16 september 2019 04:27 2208

    I did the wall of anxiety challenge for 100k power twice with two new accounts from the link and never got the award, how do I get it? They say to contact offerwall support, but there is none.

    19 september 2019 23:10 2208

    Oh no I just finished this and was wondering how long until i Get it, i guess I shouldnt expect to get it huh

    7 november 2019 02:55 2208

    hi, can you give me free steam key, please? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    7 november 2019 13:55 2208

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