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    Gamehag app broken and not getting sg?????

    I got my level 10 citadel, but gamehag wont recognize me completing the task, nor will the app open anymore. I have got the notification for completing it, and the app will just close after 1 second. Some help????

    3 april 2019 19:28 2208

    I don't know, but the problem is on ios for me

    4 april 2019 18:11 2208

    Have you played this game before because it wont work

    4 april 2019 21:44 2208

    what is best way to get sg?

    25 may 2019 14:10 2208

    Oh no I just finished this and was wondering how long until i Get it, i guess I shouldnt expect to get it huh

    7 november 2019 02:55 2208

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