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    Newbie help?

    Hey all. I'm new to gamehag. Just joined today, so if anyone has any newbie tips, I'd be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.

    22 march 2019 00:22 1628

    The most helpful tip id say is dont spend your gems on chests you will get a random steam code mostly everytime and dont spam comment because that could give you a xp deduction

    22 march 2019 01:56 1628

    Also, don't play the Guessing Game once you reach level 3. It's a gamble, but usually you'll lose more gems than what you earn. It's a bad idea.
    Another two
    > be sure to report spam on the forums. Every correct report will earn you 1 SG!
    > go to the articles page and vote on articles to be published, you'll earn 5 SG per article judged. Make sure to report any type of spam or plagiarism too.

    22 march 2019 07:15 1628

    -Watch videos on appzone will earn 1SG per video and you can get 100SG per day only.
    -Write article is one of a good way to earn SG on gamehag platform. Write article can earn from 0-1000SG depend on your article quality.
    -Vote article, this point you can get random SG too depend on when the article published or rejected.
    -Report spam, report spam will give you 1SG if your report is right. But if your report is false or abuses the report button, you will be blocked from gamehag system.
    -Don't buy the chest, the chest has 99% of getting random game keys.
    -level up, level up will give some SG and also you will access to new features.

    22 march 2019 07:48 1628

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