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    To Be Clear: I've been rejected for games I've never even heard of before

    I'm tired of Misty and others accusing me of not making a NEW account for games that I've never even heard of before. So to set the record straight, I'm the only one with a PC here and the only one who uses it and I've put hours into games here that I've never before played or even heard of multiple times just to get rejected. Then customer service and mods try to tell me its MY fault and shut me out without even the option to reply. That's bogus. It isn't me, its your system. Its exhausting and it ultimately isn't worth it.

    Edit: And no, nobody is using my wifi but me.

    6 march 2019 22:56 1628

    yeah the support on games is useless, if they send you a standard reply that does nothing you are lucky. I only play games where i get the first reward because then i know it will work. Also a lot of the games are really bad at letting you autenticate your account. Sometimes you have to look for a link hidden somewhere on their homepage.

    6 march 2019 23:50 1628

    Join Discord, i think that is one of the solutions

    7 march 2019 00:19 1628

    I know this can be very frustrating but unfortunately your only options are as follows:

    1. Open another Ticket saying "continuing our conversation from Ticket no....." and ask them to provide you with a specific answer and not a generic one.

    2. Look at the comments of the games you have played. Something like War Thunder the same screenshot got accepted after I opened a ticket I don't know why but with that game pretty much everyone had to do that.

    3. Take that 'L' and move on - I know this can be difficult if you have put a lot of effort in to complete the task.

    4. You say you are on other websites. Basically the advertiser/developer of the game has the say in whether its a new account or not. Are these other sites using your IP address somehow? I know of a offer place where you just click to see what the offer is and they say that you have started the task whether you have downloaded the app or not. This might be misconstrued as having played the game already.

    7 march 2019 01:07 1628

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