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    How to get guaranteed wins

    You can get guaranteed wins by playing with an emulator aand then basically shooting down those peasants using mobile

    4 february 2019 08:41 3272

    It detects emulators, and only matches you with other players playing with them.

    6 february 2019 21:52 3272

    lol i was about to say, when ur on emulator it clearly says u only playing with emulator peeps. and im pretty sure when there aint enough emulator ppl playing they just shove a bunch of bots in the game

    7 february 2019 00:23 3272

    hurray!!! you win

    11 february 2019 18:52 3272

    If you want rank your goal should be to survive till you reach top 10. After that you can go like Rico or John Wick.

    13 february 2019 19:42 3272

    Don't rush. Land on a good not crowded zone. gears up and say on the circle in last amount time.In top 10 situation dont attract attention .

    17 february 2019 06:02 3272

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