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    I recently completed league of angle 3 contract, not including the 3rd step which requires cashing, i downloaded Gtarcade which is the company that own league of angle 3 i thought that i would be easier to play on the app itself and i was not able to delete the app later and everytime i click on the uninstall button, a message appeared which read ' You do not have sufficient access to remove GTarcade from the Programs and Features list'.This message tilt me a lot,i own this pc yet i am not able to delete the app i install.Its troublesome too to find and delete the files that belongs to Gtarcade.Worst,my google chrome will just open up randomly and brought me to Gtarcade website and the client will run everytime i start up my PC,which made me think that the app contain some kind of Adware(i am not a computer expert).If anyone knows how to remove the client completely please let me know,thanks!

    12 january 2019 10:31 3088

    I did uninstall it ._.
    but it unintalls completely and says " GTarcade has been removed."

    12 january 2019 12:36 3088

    open msconfig (press win+R on your keyboard and then type "msconfig") click on start up and uncheck "gtarcade" and click apply. This will definitely stop the client from running every time you start up your computer.
    Also, did you uninstall it correctly? go to control panel>uninstall a program and search for Gtarcade, right click it and click "uninstall". I hope this will fix the issue.
    Since I don't know what Windows you have, You can google the problem and look for solutions on the internet.

    12 january 2019 14:03 3088

    Really?? I haven't try uninstall it yet though.

    13 january 2019 02:43 3088

    Adware at it's finest xD. Too bad publishers still do 2000's stuff.

    15 january 2019 21:12 3088

    thanks - i was thinking to download but this post saved me from the hassle

    16 january 2019 17:26 3088

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