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    Wall of Fear

    Has anyone completed the wall of fear offer for this game? I reached level 10 citadel (and I'm a new user) and I didn't receive my gems. That wall has no support so I don't know what to do.

    4 december 2018 23:07 2208

    does anyone know how to get crystalized snowflakes

    7 december 2018 01:47 2208

    Did you download directly from the link given and open and play the app right away? If your device or apple id played the game previously you do not get the rewards because you wouldn’t be a new user

    19 december 2018 08:50 2208

    I actually don't know how to get it

    26 december 2018 06:16 2208

    I cant even download directly from the link given. it always shutdown

    28 december 2018 16:44 2208

    This survey is not even available in my county

    4 january 2019 14:18 2208

    it said to download open and reach level 10 citidale i did it but dont know how to confirm for gems is thereva way to screen shot?

    15 january 2019 22:30 2208

    i didnt get any of the gems either, same boat as OP

    15 february 2019 16:33 2208

    I had the game on my phone pre-downloaded when I bought it but never played it. Gonna be really pissed if that's why I didn't get them

    16 february 2019 07:07 2208

    Sometimes it doesn't give gems and tasks are too hard

    16 february 2019 10:26 2208

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