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    What's your favourite way to get gems? and where do you spend them usually?

    Hello, I wanted to ask what exactly do you do to get gems, other than watching ads, and also, once you have enough gems, what do you do with them? what do you redeem?

    5 april 2021 00:50 1628

    i like tv area

    5 april 2021 12:56 1628

    I use TV zone and do surveys the most. Those two are the fastest methods to get soul gems that i've known for now. And about spending soul gems... i wait for black friday sale and then buy a lot of huge discount games items.

    5 april 2021 14:54 1628

    The TV Zone, App Zone and the Offer walls on Android are the Best choice for me to Earn Soul Gems.

    6 april 2021 07:03 1628

    my favorite way of earning the (SG) is by doing TV zone and just clicking it while watching YouTube it's really easy to do and what I would like to spend on I'm never spent any of my (SG) before robux

    7 april 2021 23:28 1628

    the offers

    7 april 2021 23:53 1628

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