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    Guild Wars 2

    (4.33/5) 42 rates

    Rejected task because of existing account?

    I have never joined this game before I came on the site here, and as expected, when I used my E-Mail address to register, it did not reject my account due to the fact that I didn't have a previous account. Unfortunately the company rejected my task because it said I had a previous account and was not a new user. In any case, as they are not living up to their agreements, I will be giving the game one star rating. As for gameplay, the overall design is good. No different than many third person MMOs I've played and nothing very unique compared to WoW or others. No complaints with the progression. I got to level 5 within about 20 minutes. Quests in game are pretty basic with no real uniqueness compared to other game quests. I.E. go here, kill this, activate that etc. If you are a fan of MMOs in general, you'll find this appealing and if you can find a good social base I'd expect you will stay active for a while.

    31 march 2021 12:19 2837

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