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    Xp get taken away even did not comment at all.

    I swear to god i did not comment at any thread this 2 week before but my exp still got taken away. Really gamehag? even though it did not affect me much but it still bad tho!

    1 december 2020 04:43 1628

    Same. XP gets reduced. Don't know why.

    1 december 2020 06:05 1628

    Saame here... it is so frustrating!!! I was level two, but now I got downgraded to level one!!

    1 december 2020 09:03 1628

    yeah man! i also happened to me :C

    1 december 2020 11:58 1628

    the cause of the loss of xp, is 99% sure that it has been deleted as spam, even if a post is months old, if its found and is spam, it still removed the xp granted for the message.

    you dont get punished for being inactive, xp wise.

    1 december 2020 16:19 1628

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