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    Been a while since I was last on... whats with the frog?

    Been ages since I last even logged on. Too busy playing the very game I redeemed from this site among being consumed by my studies. Can anyone shed some light on what this system of the frog is? I've also noticed that articles yield a quarter of the soul gems it used to...

    19 august 2020 11:43 1628

    once upon a time god is here and gone

    19 august 2020 13:09 1628


    Start from here: "If you don’t complete any of our tasks and earn new soul gems for seven days in a row you'll turn into a frog as an act of self-defense. While being in this form, unfortunately, you can’t take full advantage of your previous possibilities."

    19 august 2020 14:49 1628

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