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    How does it work? I'm very confused >>

    21 june 2018 01:34 1628

    Lol. I ended up figuring it out. I was talking about the little guessing game under "Get More". Thanks for replying tho ^^

    21 june 2018 06:37 1628

    The guessing game could be very rewarding or could cause you a huge loss, I'd stay away from it if I were you. Since it's a gambling game, I believe it has been programmed to give you very few chance to win a prize. The easy route isn't always the best.

    21 june 2018 09:30 1628

    yup, not worth it, you'll probably lose most of the time

    21 june 2018 16:45 1628

    its worth it for me, the only way to collect gems is guessing game cuz i have bad pc to dowload games, you have to not bet randomly , you have to watch and see how it works and then you will win

    11 april 2019 18:52 1628

    You need to guess the number by bit SG on it, if you mutiple SG you can or win depend on your luck! I recommand Don't play it!

    13 april 2019 03:08 1628

    Not worth it

    14 april 2019 11:57 1628

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