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    World of Warships

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    Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    You know who you are. Shame on you. Every single last one of you. Clan hopping between the main and a sub clan because you're afraid of losing points in the main group and essentially playing with house money by causing larger point losses for your opponents is cowardly and beneath you. You have the ability to finish first on your own without the manipulation and shenanigans. Trying to be dodgy with the rules is just such a childish and pathetic move. For however much it's worth (if at all), respect has been lost. You guys have played into every single stereotype people had of you since the group was formed. Afraid of winning or losing on your own merits. Please stop. Have a little dignity and self-respect. You know who you are. No names need be said. That is all.

    14 december 2017 21:04 89

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