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    How do i prove that im lvl 5

    when i try to send a screenshot it gets denied idk why i send a screenshot of the unclocking thing in the profile section.

    16 april 2020 20:54 6547

    I was wondering the same thing yesterday. I took a screenshot of the page that showed the milestone of containers unlocked. apparently you unlock containers when you reach level 5.. I'm still waiting to hear whether or not my screenshot was good enough. If not I could get up the stat page that shows I have had 7 battles and that. It would take 7 battles to reach level 5 normally i think.

    17 april 2020 00:41 6547

    I too am wondering how, I sent a picture of my game with containers unlocked but it got denied. So are there any more things that show that you are a player with an account lvl 5?

    17 april 2020 08:05 6547

    Good game recomend :)

    17 april 2020 09:47 6547

    when i send a picture of the milestone thing it gets declined

    17 april 2020 09:56 6547

    Pretty good game

    23 april 2020 14:34 6547

    Yeah this is good

    23 april 2020 20:52 6547

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