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    Your favourite map in the Active Map Pool?

    What's yours? Mine is Dust II

    14 april 2020 07:22 808

    I categorized it so that you can understand my opinion on these maps
    1) Mirage
    -normal 3 lane map
    -equally balanced map for both the T side and CT side (before used to be CT sided but now there is a bench near Lower mid connector)
    2) Inferno
    -has 2 mids near A site, and only 1 route to B site for T's (I'm not including the CT spawn route as Lurking is a different matter)
    -One of the most unique competitive map to feature chickens
    3) Nuke
    -Bombsite below each other
    -T side and CT side has been equally balanced with the recent update
    -The Hardest map considered by many pros so if you have good communication with your team, you have more chances to win because hearing is key in this map as it will give you a huge advantage if you can hear your opponents movement
    4) Overpass
    -There is no Mid in both Bomb sites only 2 main routes on both bombsites
    -CT has many areas where they can hold sites from T has many areas where they can attack from so both these factors cancel out each others which produces an equally balanced map
    5) Train
    -due to the recent skybox changes, there are many more opportunities for nade spots which can give the T side an upper hand
    -was a heavily CT sided Map until the skyboxes were fixed so nades in this map is very crucial as it can be one of the main deciding factors of defeat or victory

    (dust 2 is too main stream for me)

    14 april 2020 08:01 808

    Mirage , its just soo good for teamplay

    14 april 2020 09:03 808

    I prefer Mirage

    14 april 2020 09:26 808

    dust 2 then mirage

    14 april 2020 09:55 808

    Nuke is nice

    14 april 2020 11:02 808

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