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    Should I play this game?

    Tell me I'm really excited to see this game.

    9 april 2020 17:13 3275

    Yeah~!Rise of Kingdoms is a good game,you should try it.

    9 april 2020 17:57 3275

    Is actually a really nice game! Have plenty of fun in it, and people from muy alliance are really nice

    19 may 2020 19:56 3275

    realy adicting mobile game at first but mid/late game it gets a bit boring

    19 may 2020 20:38 3275

    Welp. I failed the task to lvl up Catle to 17 in 20 days. Really really hard. If u were thinking of doing it, dont but if u do, good luck. I doubt youll succeed but good luck nonetheless

    19 may 2020 22:17 3275

    Its actually pretty decent if you are into this type of game, give it a shot, nothing to loose but a little bit of time.

    1 june 2020 22:04 3275

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