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    What country has the best planes from beginning to the higher tiers in game ?

    I am new to the game , and i've chosen the sweedish planes because i love cars , also Saab is a legend in the car industry for their fighter jet inspired cars and their engines are also made by the same engineers as their aviation department. I really want to see why you've chosen your plane origin for your account

    7 april 2020 01:32 11

    I donk know anything abouth th egame but i need xp

    7 april 2020 01:39 11

    i have read that the american planes have better weapons and are better in combat but they are harder to control or somth

    8 april 2020 16:07 11

    if your really committed to this stuff there are stats and stuff for each plan and you can look and compare either in game or on the web

    8 april 2020 17:28 11

    I started with the soviet planes, i think it might be have better start, for fighters and interceptors. Maybe

    8 april 2020 23:04 11

    Honestly, I think that the soviet planes are the best start!

    8 april 2020 23:40 11

    Well if you know how to play a nation it's all good if you ask me

    9 april 2020 16:19 11

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