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    Minecraft: An Honest Review

    Minecraft is an online strategy game developed by Mojang. It is a stertegy game including risk taking and adventure. Minecraft is a game whose first version was created within 6 days by Swedish programmer and designer Markus Persson.

    (Anyways, This information can be found anywhere on the internet. But now my honest review.)

    Minecraft is a strategy game which has three modes creative, survival, hardcore and peaceful which is very good but the thing I dont like is the fact that we can switch between mode very easily which is not quite fun and I know what you'll say "Oh, but you can just turn the cheats off". yeah I know but most people just keep this cheat system on and they get bored and they stop playing the game which is not good for the game developers if you understand what i mean. I like the mobs in the game a lot but there are some mobs that I hate. For example: The creeper. Creepers are pretty frickin' annoying . They blow up everything. Both you and your house. Even if we go out and lure the creeper out of our house then as time passes more and more creepers come and explode and the place around your house becomes a graveyard. Another mob that I hate is the Slime. Just when you thought that you killed that stupid mob, it splits into two and again two respectively which is kind of annoying. I just started playing Minecraft and the slime annoyed the heck out of me .

    But there are a lot of things that I like about minecraft as well. Multiplayer mode lets us play together which is awesome. Before if any player goes to sleep in minecraft to skip the night every now and then mobs come and wake them up which was annoying but that thing has been removed which is very good. (Just imagine that, you would have to sleep with a sword in your hand). I also really like how you can use commands to do a lot of stuffs. What I love about it is how creative you can get . You can get strength 255 buff and stuffs and mess around or you can be really creative and create lucky blocks , new bosses , custom weapons and so on without needing mods . In addition to that, I like how minecraft allows players to add mods and resource packs . This really makes the game fun . If you beat all the bosses and don't know what to do anymore add some mods , that will make your game a lot more better . It also helps small programmers to flourish . It inspires programmers to make mods and mod packs as per their wish and add them tot the game and distribute it . Adding a lot of mods or a heavy resource pack will require a high-end PC. So , if you don't have access to a high-end PC , you can download light resource packs or 1-3 mods.  If you don't have a high-end PC , you shouldn't download mod packs . Mod packs usually have a number of mods which might crash your game.clG9FBCdC15TO5911b0Aipiqz5grhN.png

    The whole Mojang team are working very hard to make this game better and better which is very good and many useless features which were in the game before have been removed.

    CONCLUSION: Just go and download the game. It is awesome.OxoIWxe80pLHcz81CNVJAVMw4sml7V.jpg

    4 april 2020 13:31 1625

    i like minecraft because all of those updates

    6 april 2020 13:50 1625

    Very good game

    6 april 2020 15:06 1625

    minecraft is such an amazing game. havent played in a loooong time tho

    6 april 2020 16:20 1625

    i might have to buy minecraft again and play a bit

    6 april 2020 16:21 1625

    Minecraft is good, minecraft is craftable, minecraft is MINEcraft. Anything just from block to block, maybe. You can do almost everything here. Minecraft is fun.

    6 april 2020 18:00 1625

    i love playing minecraft

    6 april 2020 18:04 1625

    I like playing minectaft

    6 april 2020 18:05 1625

    Minecraft is pretty nice, shame it's too expensive.

    9 august 2020 20:47 1625

    Minecraft is my favourite game since 2016. Some things don't change... :)

    9 august 2020 22:35 1625

    Small error: 4 Gamemodes in Minecraft are Adventure, Creative, Spectator and Survival

    9 august 2020 23:11 1625

    Minecraft is a really good game but it could be boring after you have completed the game

    10 august 2020 09:47 1625

    minecraft is the best game ever wish i could have it

    10 august 2020 13:54 1625

    oh and btw pls be careful on roblox couse i almost lost my account on roblox beacuse of this scams

    10 august 2020 14:04 1625

    I honestly really like Minecraft. There are so many mods out there that add tons of playtime to the game. I have been quite hooked on the Pixelmon mod for it for the last month or so.

    11 august 2020 05:23 1625

    i want to play sommethings in minecraft

    11 august 2020 05:33 1625

    Good game... But I stopped playing it because I couldn't keep up with updates.
    And now we have Terraria!

    11 august 2020 06:53 1625

    merhaba nasıl leveel kasılacağını bilmiyorum çünkü yazıyorum artmıyor

    11 august 2020 09:27 1625

    one of the best games we ever got to play

    11 august 2020 09:33 1625

    Good game for me

    11 august 2020 09:33 1625

    Nice review about a nice game

    16 august 2020 11:13 1625

    i like minecraft

    16 august 2020 11:36 1625

    One of the best games

    16 august 2020 11:42 1625

    minecraft will always be the best game ever

    16 august 2020 13:34 1625

    I love it. The best game ever for me.

    17 august 2020 07:34 1625

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