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    Dreams review

    Dream or Dreams universe is a ps4 exclusive game that came out on the 14 of Febuary 2020. The game was published by the critically acclaimed video game publisher Media Molecule creators of the cult classic "Little Big Planet". The game has received universally positive reviews with a 89% on metacritic, a 5/5 on Common Sense Media and 96% of Google users saying they liked it.


    What makes dreams gameplay and indeed the game itself is how it works. If you've ever played Little Big Planet its similar to that except there are no limits. Player will create games and then you play them. The game creating system has been simplified to the point were everyone can do it at relative ease, even someone with no experience can make a game that's actually fun to play. When I said you can create anything I meant it. Literally any genre is accessible, actionhorrorrpgadventure3D2DFirts person, Third person, Top Down. The options are limitless. This makes the game a constant source of excitement as you get new games every day. Media Molecule also releases challenges where you have to makes games around a theme which encourages people to make more games. 


    Does the game have flaws?

    The game does have flaws but their temporary. The main fear I had when coming into the game was that their wasn't going to be enough content. Those fears were quickly assuaged when I noticed the already large catalogue at launch. Then the next day I saw an even greater number of games and realised content wasn't an issue. People are constantly adding new games and they clearly enjoy doing it. A lot of the games are also really good. Some games are based on shows so if you're a fan of things like anime you might get the chance to play a game using characters from a show you like. But whilst there's a lot of content based on pre-existing material there is also a ton of original ideas. For example one of the first game I played was and action rpg that supported up to 3 players (because this games also supports up to 4 player multiplayer if you want it). The game asked each player to pick a class, either rogue, mage, or knight. You then battle through a forest defeating bandit until you enter a lair where a strange shadow monster appears. The game ends here as its unfinished and its a shame as you get pretty excited for the boss fight but it's not too bad as you have hundreds of other games to play and you know this one will get updated soon. Its original content like this game that really makes dreams shine as a gem among gems and is a prime example as to why you should consider the game.


    Is it really worth it?

    Short answer, yes. If you're still on the fence on whether to buy the game that's fine in fact waiting is beneficial for this game. The more you wait the better it becomes so if you're not sure wait and you'll get something better. I personalty took a 2 week long break from the game to see what I could find when I came back and was surprised to see tons of new games in the top rated spot. I then picked one randomly and was stunned to have found such a fun game on my first try. The game was a top down action game where you control a wind up doll with a sword. You fight wind up slims and jack in a box monsters that pop out and shoot fire balls at you. The game presents itself a being in a toy world. You're a toy fighting of other toys, it has a dark, gritty feel for what the setting is but is very well made. There's a town where you can buy upgrades for your character like a multi hit attack and even a boss who's a giant pigeon and is surprisingly hard to beat. The game was incredibly fun and I would probably pay for it if it was a standalone title. On top of all of this the developers are planning to Implement VR into the game. They were going to have it at launch but unfortunately couldn't meet the deadline but its still coming and I am personally very excited to play some VR games. So to conclude if you're unsure about dreams that's good wait, give it some time, and then buy it because it's fantastic and i'm sure you will adore it.

    Disclaimer: This article has been rejected for plagiarism, this is not plagiarised everything written here was done so by myself. Thank you.

    3 april 2020 07:31 1625

    Yeah Right Me You're Always Right But Sometimes I'm Wrong

    6 april 2020 04:29 1625


    18 april 2020 09:42 1625

    this game look amazing

    18 april 2020 09:43 1625

    Can i get some gems please

    22 april 2020 09:58 1625

    A sama lama duma lama everiting ju sej to majne superagare

    22 april 2020 09:59 1625

    Ju are the fakul the majkal

    22 april 2020 10:00 1625

    Dododo lskee pesme kao sipamti be

    22 april 2020 10:00 1625

    interesting game thanks for article

    28 june 2020 14:55 1625

    good game

    4 july 2020 08:12 1625

    Nice its look good

    4 july 2020 08:43 1625

    +rep dude love it

    4 july 2020 09:18 1625

    this game look amazing

    4 july 2020 10:34 1625

    looks like a fun game

    4 july 2020 10:42 1625

    this game doesn't have a gameplay, you have to critic the engine.

    4 july 2020 11:02 1625

    I love reviews!

    29 october 2020 00:38 1625

    This game it is not amaizing nor good, at all!

    29 october 2020 07:59 1625


    29 october 2020 12:34 1625

    This game looks boring but if you are an dev i advice you to fix the graphics

    29 october 2020 16:07 1625

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    29 october 2020 19:54 1625

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    29 october 2020 19:54 1625

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