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    Star Stable - review.

    Star Stable is a game about horses for girls, Open ground and extensive game plot, in my opinion, deserve a very good reputation.

    Hello, y'all! Today, I'll introduce you to the game called "Star Stable". Let's start!! :)

    Star Stable


    The game mainly performs tasks and rides on various types of races. The open-world gives us many possibilities, but access to the entire map is only available after buying the star rider (which provides a lot of possibilities). We can modify our character and the horse as we like.

    We can buy horses through one of the currencies Star Coins, which we get only after buying a star rider, but when we buy it, in addition to Star Coins that we receive after buying, we get them every Saturday. Some tasks are boring and exhausting, but not all! Our character levels also give us a lot of possibilities, because by driving high levels we will unlock new areas. By buying equipment and developing the level of our horse at races, we increase its statistics, which allows us to win various badges at competitions, so it pays to do the same with the character, but it doesn't gain experience through various types of races :).


    Okay, so I will also mention GED, a company that wants to destroy Jorvik, at the beginning of its adventure we are dealing with GED when they want to destroy Moorland, our initial stable. By developing a reputation we get additional tasks, and thus additional points to the level. Jorvik shillings (i.e. the main currency) can be earned by helping in the stable, e.g. capturing horses or giving them food. The graphics aren't perfect, which doesn't change the fact that it's good.

    The game is constantly modified and new tasks are provided every Wednesday. The only downside of this game, in my opinion, is that we play for free up to level 5 and then we are forced to buy a star rider or finish our adventure with this fabulous game.
    When if we run out of tasks, it doesn't mean we have nothing to do! No, not the opposite, we can then go shopping in the mall, or train our horse who will surely repay us one day. The game is online, so players organize all kinds of games and activities, so even without a star rider and tasks, we will always find something to do!

    What do I think of the game?

    I rate the game with 9/10. In my opinion, the game is great and very addictive and at the same time even a little scary at times. The only minus is the need for a star rider at further levels, but I assure you that if you get sucked in you won't regret a penny put in this game :). The game is also very cool during boring, lonely evenings. So overall I recommend it.

    What do you think of the game? I hope you enjoyed my article! :)
    Image source: Google.

    25 march 2020 11:04 1625

    Okay, the game is good is a perfect aventure game

    25 march 2020 11:05 1625

    Idk what is that

    27 march 2020 22:36 1625

    its cool :D

    27 march 2020 22:54 1625

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