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    What is this game about?

    What is this game about?

    16 march 2020 08:12 17

    OGame is a browser strategy game set up in the space. It should appeal not only to the players interested by the universe, but also to the wide community of strategic games fans. The first quest the player has is choosing his server – the universe. And then the game begins! We can choose between a variety of planets, moons and entire galaxies, which can be developed and used in many different ways. It is extremely important to collect resources and generate energy, since they play a crucial role in the new technologies development and are influencing their performance, and we can also trade them. The most essential are the enhancement of our planets; the construction of buildings like stations and robot factory, but it is worth to remind ourselves about the cooperation and PvP. Another important aspect is to have its own fleet, which allows you to attack other players and defend yourself against them. The cooperation should be established by entering the alliances that does make the communication much easier and is extremely helpful, especially for the beginners. It is good to use our anti-matter, which we have 8,000 by the very beginning. It is a valuable substance useful to pay for our officer and commander services, or even in trade. OGame is undeniably one of the most interesting strategy games, remarkably expanded and so, exceptionally absorbing!

    16 march 2020 08:45 17

    ourselves about the cooperation and PvP.

    16 march 2020 09:59 17

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