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    F/GO Reaches 9M Downloads


    The most important things first: you will get 10 tickets, and the Weekly Mission will have its rewards upgraded from 2 to 3 quartz. Happy?

    Beside that, everything else is not that exciting to be honest. We got main quest AP reduction, 2x success chance for enhancement and another batch of rank-up quests. Nothing unusual for a Download Campaign. Well, there's one. Two in fact. 2 very noteworthy CEs are added to the RP shop:
    - Sweet Crystal: On MLB, 50% NP Starting + Ignove Invincible
    - Fondant au Chocolat: On MLB, 50% NP Starting + 30% ATK up against Divine enemies.

    Both are very useful in some challenge quests, plus they give a full 2000 ATK on max level. If you have some RPs to spare, get one of them if you want. Maybe both, the arts are real nice this time around.

    21 february 2020 18:39 5133

    oha diyenleri alkışliorum

    21 february 2020 18:57 5133

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