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    Cs : GO new updates [someNotes]

    COMMUNICATIONS ] – Players who receive significantly more communication abuse reports than others will receive a warning. If they continue to receive significantly more reports they will be muted by default. Other players can unmute them through the scoreboard as usual. – Muting a player will now also hide their name and avatar. – Reporting a player for abusive communications will now automatically mute them. [ MISC ] – Ballistic Shield will now block all melee attacks (knife, axe, fists, etc.) – Texture and normal updates to the MAC-10 | Classic Crate to match new MAC-10 UV from Kai123 [ MISC ] – Improved bot decision trees including support for Ballistic Shield. – Game language can now be controlled in the game properties Language tab. – Added support for Greek, Español-Latinoamérica, and Vietnamese languages. – Fixed vote UI to display uppercase map names. – Fixed several unlocalized UI strings. [ MAPS ] – Jungle — Reworked radio tower (only two first floors are accesable now) — Added some new buildings near “beta”, “APC”, “radio tower”, “Charlie” — Improved clipping across the map — more covers props have been added in some places, to make map less open — Added more loot crates — Updated map overview — Fixed many community bug reports — Reduced grass size — reduced fog density — Changed lighting in some areas

    19 february 2020 20:21 808

    They finally made reports more useful, nice.

    20 february 2020 06:27 808

    No 128 tick ,no fun

    21 february 2020 12:16 808

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