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    The game is for PC?

    I want to try this game but i don't know if i need to download it to my PC or in my phone

    14 february 2020 15:53 494

    i play in phone.

    29 february 2020 16:40 494

    No lo se, lo es??

    6 march 2020 00:45 494

    To be honest i think this game looks slightly off compared to the animation the main banner i havent played it yet but i wish to play it another time But Not sire if its that good either can someone inform me about the game Please that would be helpful thank you😁

    27 march 2020 15:01 494

    legendary anime and a nice game

    27 march 2020 21:35 494

    thanks for the help really

    19 november 2020 20:03 494

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