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    What are your thoughts about new Volibear look?

    I personally really like him, he looks like thundering Rengar on steroids. I really like how volibear's plastic surgery went out, in the end, hopes up they will do same with fiddlesticks. For those who didn't saw how he looks here's:https://imgur.com/a/YDTLunb

    9 january 2020 21:40 77

    is better than old volibear

    20 january 2020 16:37 77

    love the new volibear revamp

    21 january 2020 11:48 77

    I havent played in a long while, these uptades may draw me back into the game

    21 january 2020 12:54 77

    It look good

    21 january 2020 13:18 77

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