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    never played this game before

    8 january 2020 12:33 2176

    If you know Robocraft, it's basically the same. You craft your own vehicle to fight with it. You get or craft parts for your vehicle, to try to get a good balance between firepower and defense.

    During a fight, the parts you shoot at are the ones that take damage. For instance, if you shoot at the weapons of the enemy, you will break the weapon, lowering the firepower (meaning that you must be careful how and where you place your weapons. For instance, they're on something easy to hit and rather fragile, if it breaks, the weapons above it will as well). If you shoot the wheels, you will break the wheels, hindering the enemy's movement (as such, having more than 4 wheels on our own vehicle can be really useful).
    By the way, ONLY shoot with short bursts. Because of overheating, yes, but even more importantly because if you fire continuously, your shots will very quickly spread a lot, meaning you will have trouble taking down the parts you're trying to aim at (even trouble taking down any parts at all actually, especially from afar).

    8 january 2020 14:12 2176

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