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    Omg my gems

    I lost all my gems in guessing game it was 1586, 500 of them from guessing it took of my a weak to collected , my advice don't try it :( oh my little gems :(

    31 december 2019 15:58 1628

    aww sucks to be you rn

    1 january 2020 05:04 1628

    It is a game of chance. I tried it a few times, won some, lost some, ended up with like -100 or -200 gems.

    1 january 2020 16:26 1628

    i tryed it as well, but i ended playing when i got +100 more then i had before. I just look at the pettern of the colors and try to guess it, but it all depends on your luck.

    1 january 2020 18:13 1628

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