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    New Interlude Campaign Is Here!

    New interlude for 6 servants have been added to Chaldea:
    - Caster of Midrash
    - Gorgon
    - Jaguar Warrior
    - Medusa (Lancer)
    - Nezha
    - Quetzalcoatl
    The only one I have is Jaguar Warrior which is the FP pools, so I guess almost everyone would also have her. While a bit random befitting of Ms. Fujimura, the thing that stucked out the most for me is the bit about Fuyuki. This should be the 3rd or 4th time Fuyuki has been mention as an anomaly among anomalies: while the History of Man have been steadily corrected, Fuyuki still shows no sight of being repaired. There are frankly too few clues right now to guess, so we'll just have to wait and see.

    11 december 2019 15:02 5133

    That is so good!

    17 february 2020 22:03 5133

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