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    Have you created a game on roblox?

    Have you created a game on roblox?

    28 november 2019 19:33 2173

    yes it was very hot my game involved jumping off of a cliff

    28 november 2019 20:41 2173

    Yes I did its a zombie escape game and its super duper wip

    29 november 2019 05:26 2173

    yes but its **** 😒

    29 november 2019 17:25 2173

    i was trying but yeah got nothing out of it.

    29 november 2019 18:30 2173

    I work on studio for fun a lot. I mostly just create models of whatever comes to mind. I recreate real-life furniture, cafes, statues, etc. They're all just things that can be part of a game.
    I have made a few full games in the far past, but none were proffessional. I made two obbies, many hangout places, a hosted minigames arena, a free build, and a sword fighting game.
    I have enough experience and knowledge to create a successful game, but I prefer to stick with my little models. They're less stressful and theres always inspiration behind them (:

    29 november 2019 18:48 2173

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