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    The game make me lvl down in gamehag

    So i started the task yesterday and i reached to lvl 20 , so the task is to reach to lvl20 , i sended the image and go offline. When i came back i saw my lvl had lvl down and they send this :" You have lost the lvl for your disgraceful behavior" , so you will think that is not because of the game its because you made a mistake. no i didnt do anything wrong because everyday i just open gamehag for daily rewards and chest, only yesterday i do my first task from gamehag. When i submited the image they sended me back "The task has been rejected" so i took another image better , bigger for them and now i have lost my lvl...

    19 november 2019 11:07 2821

    maybe must be online or the screen didn't send

    19 november 2019 12:36 2821


    22 november 2019 16:40 2821

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