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    Star Wars The Old Republic

    (4.18/5) 28 rates

    My take and review on SWTOR

    This game goes back old for me. It was the first MMO I played and as a true Star Wars fan it will always have a special place in my heart. Truth is, you can play and grind to max level without paying any real money that's a good thing about this game, and like a lot of MMO's you have to grind to level, I see too often that people give bad reviews on MMOs because you have to grind, grinding is the point to an MMO. All-in-all it's a really fun game to play and grind on, you can relax, get cool mounts, and it's a really fun experience.

    9 august 2017 07:19 35

    I think it is one of the most memorable games of all time

    9 august 2017 22:12 35


    9 august 2017 22:27 35

    PUBG is the Best Game in todays time. If you have a high configuration phone with upto 4gb ram then PUBG is perfect game for the gamer. I things its a best multiplayer game for phone. Also if they update the New maps, weapons and new daily tasks then game will be more interested.
    5 august 2019

    7 august 2019 08:58 35

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