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    Those stones are CANCER

    I mean 4real you open up a chest and gives you of course a stone but what the fukk mate,you need to put it on inventory to see what it does.YOOOO is this a joke?So you have 2 options,sell it but it can be a good stone or ''gaming gear'',or you can put it in inventory and if you dont want it you consume it ffs

    5 august 2017 17:09 1628

    I think you have a more likely percentage to get gems,since the website want's to make you kys

    5 august 2017 20:01 1628

    A tleast you can trade them for gems just imagine you cant =.=

    5 august 2017 21:16 1628

    I agree ✌

    5 august 2017 22:41 1628

    yeah, its sucky i guess

    10 november 2019 21:58 1628

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