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    Overwatch - how to improve your aim

    One of the most important mechanical skills in overwatch and any other FPS game, is the aim.
    So, how can you improve your aim quickly?
    Every hero in overwatch uses a other aiming skill.

    There are three main types of aiming:
    1.Instinct shooting
    2.Flick shot.
    3.Tracking shot.
    Feeling confused? don't worry, you will understand everything after reading this article. 

    Image result for overwatch

    Instinct shooting

    Sometimes, after a long time playing a game, you may feel that you are shooting automatically without thinking.
    This is called "Instinct shooting". this is the main aim type that the pros use. they played so much time, that their brain can instantly react when they see an enemy.
    How to develop this skill? their is no way to develop that skill other than playing a lot and practicing.

    Heroes who are based on instincts : Zenyatta, Moira, Baptiste, Ana, Reaper, Doomfist, Genji, Brigitte, Junkrat.

    Image result for moira

    Flick shot

    The flick shot is the skill of moving your reticle from the center of the screen to the side of the screen, then shooting and bringing the reticle back to the center. the flick shot is an important skill to learn to fully control your reticle movement.
    How to develop this skill? there are many ways to train this skill. the best way to develop it is by going to https://aiming.pro and start practicing there.
    Don't want to use a site? fine. there is the second best way.  take two heavy objects and a ruler. put them 4 cm from each other and place your mouse between them.
    now place your mouse near the right object and flick the mouse left and shoot,after that flick your mouse back to the right object. this should build your muscle memory and will let you flick without the objects after practicing for some time with the objects.

    Heroes who are based on flicks mainly: McCree, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Mercy, Sigma, Ashe, Lucio, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Pharah, Torbjorn.

    Image result for mccree


    Tracking is the method of locking your reticle on a moving object as it moves.
    How do you train this method? enter the practice range and pick one of the tracking heroes. go upstairs and there you should find a bot that moves from side to side. try to shoot him while he moves as accurate as possible. there are more moving bots that move in a pattern that make them hard to hit. but first try to hit 100% of your shots on the basic bot.

    Heroes who are based on tracking: Bastion, D.Va, Mei, Orisa, Winston, Tracer, Symmetra , Sombra, Soldier:76, Zarya, Wrecking ball. 
    Image result for Soldier 76

    Aim isn't everything. you'll need some understanding of the game to be a better player.
    Remember : "practice makes PERFECT" know the maps, and know your role in the team.

    Good luck!

    Note: the heroes are subjected into groups by their abilities and not only their main fire.

    18 august 2019 14:41 1625

    yes i am pro shooter now

    18 august 2019 15:31 1625

    thank you very much

    18 august 2019 15:58 1625

    Thanks for the this helpful but i don't it i already play overwatch about 1000 hour so you don't have to tell me but you can tell another people thats are new to overwatch

    19 august 2019 15:46 1625

    Ye boii now i can wreck em weebs

    19 august 2019 15:47 1625

    good advice

    19 august 2019 15:54 1625

    thank you

    19 august 2019 16:30 1625

    I like your post

    19 august 2019 16:30 1625

    like your post thank you good advice

    9 february 2023 14:16 1625

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