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    I don't know why my articles are being rejected

    It says "rejected by users" but I don't know for what. It's not plagerism of anything nor was it spam.

    17 august 2019 18:57 1628

    Maybe someone don't like your article.

    17 august 2019 19:29 1628

    Make your articles interesting to read by adding some pictures, search for grammer mistakes and word errors, separate the texts with some bold topics and...

    17 august 2019 21:26 1628

    Few of my articles were rejected in the past because of some spammers like to click on the YES button. Their articles don't get accepted, so they don't want ours to be accepted either.

    18 august 2019 05:11 1628

    @aidenpearce007 Cannot agree more

    18 august 2019 05:35 1628

    Some users just dont leave it by voting spam or something like that. Also check your arcticle see if nobody have alredy writed something similar...

    27 september 2019 19:36 1628

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