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    is this game worth my time?

    is the game good/not that hard to complete tasks, or am i going to waste my time?

    6 august 2019 02:16 3278

    to be honest not a good trade off

    6 august 2019 02:59 3278

    You can give it a try but there are much better similiar games

    6 august 2019 05:21 3278

    You will need at least a week, perhaps even two if you're unwilling or unable to commit the time to regularly check in and recruit troops. I state that categorically as power-level in this game hinges almost entirely on your army composition and numbers; upgrading a building typically results in a power increase of anywhere from 1 to 5 points. Completing research often yields no increase whatsoever. Quests, resource-harvesting and event activities also have no effect. You must recruit troops, regularly and reliably if you seek to increase your power... while doing your utmost to avoid antagonizing anyone as a raid by superior foes can easily rob you of hundreds if not thousands of power in a moment.

    Depending on the extent to which you've upgraded your barracks, checking in can range from recruiting roughly 60 troops from each of the five buildings every 40 minutes for a power-increase of nearly 3.5k total, to recruiting nearly 180 every 1 hour and 45 minutes for a power-increase of roughly 8.3k total. You can do the math: it takes a looooooong time to hit one-million. My only advice is: spend your gold coins and use every recruit-timer advance item at your disposal; you will acquire more of each merely by exploring the map and engaging in PvE combat encounters.

    You can easily complete the second task in tandem with the first (I actually overshot it considerably on my way toward one-million power as your power level will increase significantly faster by recuiting higher-tier troops, which necessitates you acquire a higher-level townhall in order to upgrade your barracks, etc), but that's somewhat beside the point: to answer your query directly, I would second Pperic's response. There are better games, dozens of which are exceedingly similar and, in certain cases, superior. Try it if you can spare the time and are willing to wait for the gems but, otherwise, you're better off playing something else...

    6 august 2019 19:25 3278

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